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to A Handful of Honey 

We believe in empowering people to live their best lives through health, wellness, and intentional living.
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Movement and Fitness

Tried different workout and fitness plans but find that nothing sticks? Struggling to find the correct path to reach your overall health and wellness goals? Let's touch base. 

As a certified group fitness instructor and personal trainer, I can help sit down and establish goals and a plan that will help get you moving in a way that feels authentic for your body.

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Academic Plan for Success

Struggling to set schedules or find study plans that actually work for you? Struggling to find a recipe that fits within your busy
schedule or just really overwhelmed and need help setting a direction for what next? Or even just seeking a  supportive hand in coping with
a pandemic and transition back to on campus learning, we can help.

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Wellness Journey Reset

Struggling to find balance or lacking direction? Wanting to declutter and simplify but don't know where to start?

If you are at the beginning
of a health and intentional living journey and need help setting a realistic roadmap to a greater sense of holistic health and wellbeing, this empath Aries is here with you
every step of the way.


Recent Articles

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