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Welcome to Handful of  Honey

Welcome to A Handful of Honey.

A Handful of Honey is designed to be a source of inspiration AND information to take steps toward a more intentional and balanced life. It is so easy to get caught up in the chaos of todays world and the ever present expectations we feel society and those in our life place on us. 

Here, we will work together to take a step back and evaluate our core values to be able to adjust and find realignment through a conscious returning to one self each and every day. Small actions and decisions each day make a life and who we become; how we interact with ourselves and those around us. 

I look forward to witnessing your journey and continuing down my own.

With Gratitude,

Ana Marie


Meet The Team

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Ana Hansen

Ana graduated with a double major in Theatre and Dance and Psychology with a minor Medical Anthropology from UC Davis (ranked 4th public University in the US!). They have had a lifelong passion for movement, intentional living, and holistic wellness. She is a certified ACE Fitness instructor and Certified Personal Trainer and has been teaching dance, conditioning, theatre and special education for several years. They help others find the movement practice that is most in alignment with their life and needs. 


After struggling with her mental wellbeing all throughout high school and college, she found a passion in advocacy to end the stigma around talking about mental wellbeing, our struggles, and ultimately all that makes us human. She hopes to continue contributing to her local and global communities via AHOH and other platforms to encourage self-exploration, motivation, contribution, and lifelong health and wellness.


She loves self expression through her androgynous style, artistic endeavors, holistic health journey, garden, two cats, and the best decaf espresso a person can find.

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