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3 Easy Summer Accessories to Take Any Outfit from Drab to Fab

Updated: Jul 24, 2018

Being a college student, I am constantly on the go either to class, work, the gym or out with friends. So many days I look in my closet and reach for simple jeans, a favorite tee and whatever shoes happen to be on my floor. And truthfully, those are the days I feel the worst.

Come summer, especially here in Sacramento where we often reach 105F, finding the balance between style and comfort is a constant battle. Here are a few ways to transform that simple t-shirt and jeans into a cute and trendy outfit this summer:

  1. Add a watch

Whether simple leather banded or solid gold, watches can add a clean polished touch to any outfit day or night. I am a HUGE watch lover. My rose gold watch is my go to piece of accentuate almost any look. When I’m going for a more casual look I wear it by itself for a polished look. It makes a statement without being too overpowering. When I’m going to a nicer event, I pair it with a few small gold bands on the other arm for a more styled look.

Find a watch suited to your personal aesthetic. The beauty about watches is they can fit any style; masculine or feminine, ornate or simple. Be patient, wait till the time is right and you find THE one….not to say you only need one.

Women's fashion, shoes, sandals, nordstrom, dress, summer dress, light blue dress. Photo credit Ana Hansen
Claire's take on a fun and sassy sandal to spice up any simple dress for an afternoon out.

2. Step Away from Your Everyday Shoe...pun intended

Okay, I know it sounds funny. We all wear shoes but hear me out. We all have that one pair that we wear every other day. For some it might be converse or vans for others, flip flops and sandals. Whatever your preference might be, find a pair that is slightly different than your everyday pick. I love my blush pink converse! They are super comfortable and are perfect for days I’m out and about all day long. Ana will say I have an obsession with neutral clothing and these shoes help add a perfect small touch of color.

If you are more of a sandals person find a pair with a fun color or small embellishments. I am loving my bronze BP sandals. The neutral base colors are perfect for my wardrobe, while the blue and brown pom pom balls takes my everyday outfit to something more suited to my personality .

3. Bandana’s

It’s 2018 and bandanas and neck scarves are making a triumphant come back. Hit up your local thrift store to find some vintage neck scarves or check out these bandana’s . They make great hair accessories tied up as a headband or around your bun or ponytail. I absolutely hate when my hair gets in my face, especially when I’m out and about during these warm summer days. Bandanas allow me to rock my go to top knot while still feeling stylish and put together. Another bonus is they are super easy to travel with instead of a bunch of jewelry!

I am loving all things mustard this season, but I did not want to spend a lot of money adding tops and dresses into my wardrobe. This mustard bandana was the perfect solution to adding this color into my closet. It goes well with a lot of my clothing and can transition from season to season. As mentioned before, my closet is overwhelmed with neutrals and this pop of color helped revive my otherwise boring outfits.



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