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These Are a Few of Our Favorite Things: Summer Edition

Updated: Jul 24, 2018


Book I’m Reading: I should be reading right now...but I'm not. I will keep you all posted

Podcast I am Loving: The Minimalist

Local place fave: Old Soul Coffee

Go to Chocolate: dark chocolate covered almonds

Fave Coffee: Iced Vanilla Latte

Workout: Resistance band training

Skincare Product: Coola duo Sunscreen and Moisturizer

Tech Tool: lightroom

Favorite Outfit: Flowy shorts, a tee, gladiator sandals

Fave self care ritual: a but like actually

Music I am digging: The Greatest Showman album, any country

Fave album: The Greatest Showman



Book I’m Reading: Darling Days - iO Tillett Wright

Podcast I am Loving: Office Spaces (TK Coleman and other)

Local place fave: Pushkins

Go to Chocolate: Endangered Species 88%

Best Coffee: Temple Coffee Roasters Decaf Espresso

Workout: Vinyasa 70 min class

Skincare Product: ExfoliKate mask

Tech Tool: Ipencil, Spotify creating playlists for you that are magical

Favorite Outfit: Well Claire won’t let me say black jeans and a t-shirt… so she needs to do better with giving me ideas

Fave self care ritual: Self Gratitude and Yoga Journal

Music I am digging: Eddie Vedder Always lol

Favorite Album: Come From Away Original Broadway Cast


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