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What are we up to this summer?

Updated: Jul 24, 2018

Claire: I am home for the summer working at Nordstroms for the third season in a row. I am moving to South Carolina in the fall for school and spend most of my days off going to yoga, hanging out with Ana and planning for my cross country move (I am driving). With such a big move comes a lot of big decisions such as, “what is absolutely most important to you?” I have dug into the minimalist podcast to get some inspiration and have spent a lot of time purging and simplifying my life of "things". With my love for style and all things fashion it has been a challenge to let go of old items and not replace them...working in retail makes this extra challenging. I look forward to my new adventure and this cross country road trip.

Talk soon,



Ana: I am home for the summer! I decided to return back to Davis in the fall so am focusing on my health and mental health to start the new quarter on a good foot. I am nurturing my mental health by practicing vinyasa yoga at a great studio in Sacramento called Yoga Shala (Shala being home and a 2nd home it has been). I am trying to fit in as much physical activity as possible before my August 2nd surgery date which will cause me to be movementless for 2 weeks and intense physical activity, yoga, and danceless for another 2 months after that. I am not overly excited for this time but look forward to the challenge. One of my yoga instructors told me today to find an open space and move in any way that I can, but just keep moving. SO, I “look forward” to the creative challenge this time will provide. I have been spending the rest of my time working on creating A Handful of Honey and starting amazing projects for guys with the incomparable Claire Holt, the other half of AHOH as you all already know. I will be playing bass for a production of Guys and Dolls in Marin effectively taking me out of my accidental music playing retirement. SO YAY!

More adventures to come,

Ana Marie


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